Action Figures from the 1980's

The Dukes of Hazzard, by Mego and CBS Toys, 1980-1982
This series of action figures is based on the very successful and extremely popular TV series "The Dukes of Hazzard" which premiered in 1979 and lasted seven seasons, until 1985. This is an excellent show that I'm still a huge fan of. The Mego toy company did a super job on the action figures which were first offered in 1980, however Mego was going through some internal business challenges at the time and unfortunately went out of business in 1981 while the toys were still in huge demand. At the time, CBS was the network that broadcasted the TV series and had recently developed it's own toy division. They quickly stepped in to continue producing the action figures and vehicles that Mego had available, while also expanding the series with two additional vehicles.

The Duke boys, Luke and Bo, with the General Lee

Dukes of Hazzard action figures: Luke, Bo, Daisy Duke and Boss Hogg
In addition to these four Mego also offered figures of Uncle Jessie, Rosco, Cletus and Cooter which are all less common to find.

For the vehicles assortment, Mego originally offered the General Lee and Daisy's Jeep "Dixie". CBS Toys added Boss Hogg's Cadillac and Rosco's police car to the collection. Both of the CBS Toys cars are hard to find in any condition, especially mint in the original package. I'm still missing Rosco's police car. Mego cars that are unpackaged are hard to find with undamaged decal stickers, but mint copies can still be easily found in the box on websites such as e-bay or at vintage toy shows. You can see in this photo that the fender on Boss' car is broken on the side and missing a piece, and an area on the door is starting to yellow. The stickers on both doors are missing but the licence plate stickers are still there. However, the definitive bull horns that were on the roof of the car are missing.

Here's a front view of all the cars. Unfortunately Daisy's jeep has a broken section over the left wheel. Still, these are all in fairly good shape for loose toys from the early 1980s!

The General Lee has a door in the roof for placing the figures inside the car. They don't fit through the window very well.

I've found three different versions of the Bo Duke figure. The first one has a smaller head that is sculpted to look like the 8 inch Mego doll head of the character that was made at the same time. The other two may actually be Coy Duke heads, but I'm not certain. In any case, the one in the middle has brighter yellow hair and more detail, while the one on the right has darker yellow hair with less detail. The eyes are also filled in rather than having small eye holes, as seen on the middle figure. The pants of the middle figure have discoloured over time but were originally the same blue as the others.

Daisy Duke has two variations. I'm assuming the original one is the shorter haired version. The face on this one isn't as pretty as the second version, which has longer, fuller hair and an open mouth with painted white teeth.

Here's the back view of the Daisy action figure variations to show how very different the hair sculpting is for each.

Here is a side view of the General Lee with the very popular die cast toy car by Ertl that was also available at the time. Ertl continued producing General Lee toys in the early 2000's when the TV show experienced another wave of popularity on TV and DVD.

Here are the 8 inch Mego dolls that were also produced at the time, next to the toy cars. An 8 inch Daisy Duke doll was also made as part of the set.

A-Team, 6" action figures by Galoob, van by ERTL, 1983

Here are the A-Team figures I played with as a kid in the early 1980s. I remember saving up my pennies to buy each of these figures and was very determined to get all four. My Uncle Mike bought me the van for Christmas. It was the "must have" item on my list for that year. I never saw the Amy figure in stores or the four "Bad Guys" figures and was surprised to learn about them years later while reading an action figure price guide.

The A-Team: Hannibal, B.A., Face, and Murdock. These 6 inch action figures were made by Galoob (the same company that made Blackstar action figures) in 1983 based on the popular TV show. Each figure came with a bunch of accessories, shown below. B.A. came with a tool belt, tool box and tools, while the other three figures each came with a belt and a unique back pack. Murdock also came with a string with a hook on it (which I'm missing) that could be tied onto his unique belt. Murdock also came with binoculars. Hannibal and Face have the same belt. All four figuers came with the same gun. Hannibal came with an additional unique gun (shown in the bottom left corner).

Head Variations I love discovering variations in mass produced toys. Not sure exactly why... it must be the obsessive collector in me that "wants them all". I never knew until as recently as February 2015 that there were head sculpting variations for two of these 6 inch figures. Hannibal has two different head sculpts and one of them (the one that I don't have) can be found with dark grey hair or light grey hair. This version has the chin, smile and hair sculpted to be more pronounced than the one shown above. So I can confirm that there are three distinct variations of Hannibal!!!
Face also has two different head sculpts (Face has two faces!). The one that I don't have has a very wide smile. The head on the one shown above looks much nicer. I've also noticed that earlier produced heads for Murdock have a slightly different look to them than later versions, but the difference is quite minimal. I think it may just be the way the detail is painted on the eyes and eyebrows.  I'll have to do more comparisons before confirming if there is a Murdock variation.
There are, however, differences in the colour of the plastic used for some Face and Murdock heads, as the skin tone can be slightly darker or lighter. Some of the rubber heads for these skin colour variations are also squishier than their matching counterpart. So far I haven't noticed any variations for B.A.

I've always found it odd that Galoob did not make a van for this series, yet they made a van for their smaller 3 3/4 inch A-Team figure series. Galoob made a gyrocopter, an ATV with trailer, and a large multi-level "Command Centre" playset for the 6 inch figures, but no van! Instead this A-Team van was made by ERTL in 1983. It was the only one available at the time that was anything close to the scale of the 6 inch figures. The picture below shows how B.A doesn't quite fit in the driver's seat. His head still sticks out of the opening in the roof. ERTL also made the white corvette (that Face drove) in the same scale as this van. Both vehicles are made out of plastic and were sold without any packaging.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, by LJN, 1983-1984
In the early 1980s Dungeons & Dragons caused quite a bit of controversy. Many parents let their imaginations and superstitions get the better of them and would not allow their kids to watch the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon series or have anything to do with the popular role-playing game. Like Harry Potter in the early 2000's, people objected to the idea of make believe sorcery and magic. In my opinion all the fuss is rather silly. With the exception of the dragon shown below, I bought my "D & D" action figures in the early 1990s from a schoolmate who was selling off his collection.

Here are the two horses from the series. The Strongheart knight figure is shown with "Good Destrier: Mighty Battle Horse" on the left, and the villain Warduke is shown with "Evil Nightmare: Flying Horse-Like Creature". The Nightmare horse and rider are my favourite pieces from this collection. I don't have Warduke's sword, so he is shown with the sword from the Metta Flame figure from this series (which I no longer have). Both of Nightmare's front hooves are removable rubber pieces that can be easily lost. The heads on both of the horses turn side to side and their tails can be moved up or down. The horse's armour is removable but it is difficult to do so. The backs of each horse have a trap door to allow the figure to "sit" on the horse, the same way Kenner made the Tawn Tawns from the Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back action figure series. The corresponding figure's leg is moulded and painted onto the side of the horse's saddles. A Bronze Dragon figure with a saddle was also made for Strongheart to ride on.

Here is the gang (L to R): Zorgar: Evil Barbarian, Kelek: Evil Sorcerer (though he doesn't look so evil without his fabric robe), Strongheart: Good Paladin, and Warduke: Evil Fighter. There are many other figures in this series to collect! The first series alone had 12 figures. I found the names of these four characters in Tomart's Price Guide to Action Figure Collectables. The Zorgar figure has a button on the back that operates his arms, similar to Kenner's Super Powers collection figures.

Here is "Dragonne: Half Dragon, Half Lion". This was a very popular toy in it's time. I received this one as a Christmas present! Dragonne's wings were removable but unfortunately the tabs that hold them in place have broken off. Below are other views of Dragonne and the wings.

Super Powers, action figures by Kenner, 1984-1986

Coming soon!

DC Heroes, PVC Figures by "Comics Spain", 1989-1992
I found this series of DC Comics PVC figures on e-bay. They are marked "Comics Spain" and each has a differnt date between 1989 - 1992. The 8" Batman Mego is shown for size comparison.

Batman, Superman and Green Lantern

Hawkman and the Flash.
I've also seen PVC figures of Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Green Arrow for this set, as well as Starfire from the Teen Titans. There is also a different PVC figure of Superman from 1988, and one of the black costumed Batman from the 1992 movie Batman Returns. The above Batman PVC figure was also issued in a black outfit (with black plastic) in conjunction with the 1989 Batman movie. Alas, I have yet to find a Robin PVC figure for this collection. :(  Unfortunately Robin was out of vogue for a while in the late 1980's and early 1990's as Batman was being marketed on his own as a solo superhero, which I thought was unfortunate as Robin has always been my favourite superhero. As Robin was the leader of the Teen Titans it's odd that a PVC figure of Starfire was made without a Robin to match, or any of the other Teen Titans such as Cyborg or Kid Flash.

Marvel Heroes, PVC Figures by Comics Spain 1992, and Yolanda 1988(?)

Here are some Marvel PVC figures that I found bought on e-bay. I've included the 8" Spider-Man Mego for the size comparison. The small Spidey figure is by Comics Spain 1992. The Thor and Silver Surfer figures were made by Yolanda. I couldn't make out the date on either one, but it looks like it might be 1988.

More to come!


  1. Hi Mike. Marc in South Africa here. Ive been trying to find if there ever was a Galoob A-team van for the 6 inch figs. Its seems to be an urban legend here and Ive met two people who swear they had the large van for their figures. In 1984 our local importer of the figures (Arlenco Toys) along with a local Central News Agency (CNA) brought out an exclusive South African Sticker album which featured illustrated artwork of the characters and scenes from epsiodes from the 1st season of the show, AS WELL as actual photographs of Galoobs preproduction promotional photos of the toys. One of which shows a 6 inch Face figure sitting in a large scale A-team van (not Ertl) and hes sitting in a beige chair in the back of the van and the side sliding door is open. So same external & internal color scheme as the smaller scale Galoob van but definitely large scale as you know the smaller van only had a removable roof and did not feature a sliding door. If you want me to send a photo of that sticker just shout. I have a spare complete albums as well but they are super rare and collectible as they are super sought after as the centrefold of the album is a photo of BA/Mr T in the famous the A-team needs you pose (like Uncle Sam), this poster is now sought after as it was used in a South African punk music bands music video, the band is called Die Antwoord and more famous in the US than here. The video is called Baby light my fire (you can find it on youtube). Another interesting note on the smaller scale villain Snake Gang action figures, the colours of their outfits differed in the USA compared to their UK & European & South African versions. Regards Marc

    1. Hi Marc Thanks for all of the awesome info!!! Feel free to send the photos if you wish, that van sounds awesome! Too bad it didn't get past the prototype stage. It would have been a popular toy. I find it odd that no toy companies have ever taken advantage of this situation by producing a suitable van for this series like the one you described. Even without the figures it would be an awesome collectable item!