Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Crow Eric Draven by Funko

At last! I've finally got my hands on the awesome "ReAction" figure of  the Crow / Eric Draven by Funko!!! Released in 2014 this figure was a hot seller and disappeared fast! It can still be found through certain online vendors such as e-bay and Amazon (which is how I got this one) but has already become a rare find at Comic Conventions, nostalgia shows and comic book stores.

This figure is so cool, I just love it! Not only am I a huge fan of this movie but I also adore Brandon Lee! I wish Funko had also made a version of the Crow with his trench coat that included a small crow bird! They could have also made a shirtless version of Eric Draven that comes with his guitar, along with other characters from the film such as Sgt. Albrecht, Top Dollar, Funboy, and Sarah. That would have been a really cool series to see!

Here is a closer look at the figure itself which, along with the packaging and "ReAction" logo, is styled after the original Star Wars Kenner action figures from 1978.... because retro stuff is cool! :) This Eric Draven figure comes with the decorative rod (lighting rod?) that he swiped from the Church roof during his climatic fight scene with Top Dollar at the end of the film.

Above is the back of the card. This figure was released as part of a "Horror Series" which I find odd as The Crow movie wasn't a horror film. There were a couple of scenes involving eyeballs that were a bit gross, but to me that doesn't make this a horror flick. The film is certainly stylized to have a dark, gothic look, but if that qualifies The Crow as being a horror movie then so were the Batman / Dark Knight movies! In any case, I'm very happy to finally add this awesome little figure to my collection!

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